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M & J Farm Border Collie Guarantee

This must be read and filled out before puppy leaves for new home and signed by the new owner before being valid.


Sire:                                 #                                 Dam:                                   #

Date of Birth:                                     Gender:


Pedigree Registry Name & Address:

Nickname:                                                          Registered Name (can be left blank):

Purchase Price:

1. As herein referenced, the parties to this agreement are identified as follows:



2. This sales agreement acknowledged and affirmed as being a complete description of the terms and conditions of sale concerning the dog and purchase price as mentioned above.

3. Seller warrants that at the time of delivery, the dog herein referenced is in good health and will have been examined a licensed veterinarian. Buyer is encouraged to have dog examined by a licensed veterinarian within 5 days delivery/sale date, to verify the dog is in good health. If within 5 days of delivery/sale date the dog is found to have a threatening condition as documented by the examining veterinarian then upon verification of condition to SELLER and upon return of the dog by the BUYER to the SELLER, Seller agrees at his/her discretion to either refund the entire purchase price to the buyer as a herein referenced or supply Buyer with another dog of the same sex and quality when one become available. All Veterinarian fees or associated costs are to be borne by the BUYER.

4. In the event the BUYER fails to have the herein referenced examined by a veterinarian within 5 days as stated, then the BUYER understands and agrees that the sale is one of “AS-IS” condition. BUYER understands and agrees that after 72 hours of selling the dog to the BUYER, all warranties of health fitness, merchant-ability, personality, train-ability, and pet/show potential, whether expressed or implies by law, are hereby expressed and voluntarily waived by the BUYER.

5. No guarantee is offered as to adult size, color, hair texture, confirmation, or the suitability of breeding.

6. No guarantee is offered against communicable diseases such as fleas, intestinal parasites, coccidia, and giardia or ear mites, due to their recurring nature. This guarantee is extended to the original BUYER only. The Seller is not responsible for problems such as landlords, allergies, and incompatibilities with other pets or family members, etc. All sales are final. Deposits are non-refundable.

7. This puppy is guaranteed until its 1st birthday. Upon proof and certify of genetic hip defect or being AFFECTED with CEA. The OFA or a certified animal Eye Ophthalmologist must evaluate the puppy. MUST BE: ORIGINAL person who bought dog must own dog, never been Sired or whelped a litter of puppies, must not have been abused or had surgery of any kind, only a puppy is replaced; no money. Puppy will be replaced as same sex becomes available. The Seller will replace the original puppy with another puppy of the same sex and like quality. The specialist qualified to diagnose the genetic problem must supply proof of hip/eye defect. SELLER will choose replacement puppy. NO MEDICAL BILLS WILL BE REFUNDED. All fees associated with acquiring replacement puppy will be the responsibility of the BUYER and must be paid in advanced. BUYER has the option of keeping the original puppy. The defective dog must be altered before replacement puppy will be released.

8. This agreement has been read and understood by both party’s hereto and executing The Agreement, the parties agree that all terms and conditions contained herein are Acceptable and Binding

9. Registration papers will be sent out after every puppy from the litter is sold. We will be in contact with you and let you know when we sent in for the papers and when you can expect them.

10. At time of delivery, the Puppy was well socialized and of sound temperament. We cannot control the environment, training and additional socialization after delivery, no provisions are made in regards to the temperament; and it is Buyer’s responsibility to further socialize and train purchased Puppy.

I, the seller am affirming all of the information provided in this subsection is true to the best of my knowledge and belief. I guarantee puppy/dog to be of good health at time of sale unless otherwise noted. It is being sold apparently free of and does not exhibit any signs of any defect(s) which is congenital or hereditary; and does not exhibit any signs of being clinically ill or exhibit any signs of a parasitic infestation on the date of sale.

Last but not least in the event you can no longer keep puppy/dog you agree not to take said puppy/dog to animal shelter or rescue league. We will take any and all puppies back.

BUYER (sign):



SELLER :                                                                ADDRESS: